Q: How do i use it? How do i make it sticky again? 

A: You only need to wet the adhesive surface with warm water and mild detergent and then air to dry it. It will still keep the adhesive gels for your next time using.

Q: Do i need to wash it every day?

A: You should wash it when the silicone surface needs to be cleaned of dirt and dead skin. This is done so that the bra sticks better.

Q: Is this comfortable for someone with copd or does it put pressure on lungs/ribs like ordinary bras?

A: No pressure at all since it doesn’t attach at the back.

Q: How long does this last? How many times can I wear this?

A: Since our bras washable and reusable, you can use them as much as you want.

Q: Can I wear this bra every day?

A: Definitely yes! This bra is made from skin-friendly materials. It doesn't cause any pain to the skin.

Q: Does the silicone bra smell good? 

A: We kindly remind you the product is made of high-quality material. So the adhesive bra smells just fresh and good, besides, it still stays in a good state after multiple usages.

Q: Can you wear with swimsuits?

A: Yes you can. 

Q: Do you need to wash it before first wear?

A: No you do not need to wash it before first wear. After you have worn them for several times then it will be time to wash them.



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